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Trends in Mother of the Bride Outfits for Northern Ireland

A wedding is one of the biggest days in the life of the bride, but it is also one of the most special days for the mother of the bride too. Choosing the right mother of the bride outfit can be tricky, as it needs to perfectly compliment the look and overall style of the bride, whilst not overshadowing her big day look either. Here are the top trends in mother of the bride outfits for 2021.

Short Dresses

Don’t be afraid of wearing a shorter dress as the mother of the bride. If your daughter’s wedding is during the spring or summer, a short dress can be the most comfortable choice, as well as very flattering too. Just be sure that the dress is not too short, especially when seated. Short dresses can look great in a bright pop of colour, but neutral pastel shades can also look very pretty too.

Long Dresses

A long dress is a popular option for many mother of the brides as it can be a great way to hide any part of the body you may feel less confident about. However, a long dress can also easily swamp you in fabric if you choose the wrong fit or size. If you are definitely set on a long dress, then make sure it is made with a percentage of stretch fabric, for example elastane, so that it can still hug your figure and give you a gorgeous shape too.

Guest Dresses

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Two Piece Suits

A two piece suit needn’t just be for work, and can look very elegant for a mother of the bride look. When choosing your two piece suit, be sure that the fit of the leg is not too long, otherwise you can may end up tripping, especially if you are choosing to wear heels. Also be sure to go for a jacket that fits with a closed waist detail, so once buttoned up, a two piece suit can help to create or flatter an existing hourglass silhouette.

Extra Tips

Before settling on your final mother of the bride outfit, it is a good idea to chat with your daughter first to make sure she is happy with your look. If you can, try shopping together in order to make it easier to finalise your ideal outfit to perfectly compliment her dress too. Although your daughter’s wedding is her big day, do not forget about how special it is for you too as her mother. Be sure to pamper yourself before the wedding too in order to look and feel your best.