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Why We Love Marc Cain Clothing for Women

The Marc Cain brand was established in 1973 by Helmut Shlotterer and is one of the world’s leading fashion houses for ladies’ fashion. Designed to flatter a wide range of figures and personal styles, Marc Cain creates apparel that is comfortable yet still has a fashionable aesthetic. But why do women love to wear this brand so much? Here is a quick guide.

Easy to Wear Style

Women have loved to wear Marc Cain over the past four decades as the brand helps women to find pieces that celebrate self-confidence and express their personal style, all whilst still wearing high quality garments that are all 100% made in Germany. All clothing sold by Marc Cain is designed to be easy to wear, classic and timeless. Their wide range of clothing includes everything from dresses and blazers to skirts, cardigans, tops and jackets, as well as much more. Marc Cain also sells all the accessories women need to perfectly compliment their look, such as gloves, hats and even face coverings. Along with clothing and accessories, women also love the bags and shoes sold by Marc Cain, which are both functional and yet still of the highest quality and style. Marc Cain creates garments that are designed to be well tailored, elegant and the perfect way to amp up your usual style. However, Marc Cain do not take themselves too seriously, unlike some fashion houses, and also offer plenty of playful pieces in super soft and comfortable easy to wear fabrics too.

Easy to Shop

Despite their wide range of clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and more, Marc Cain ensures that all fashion items are still easy to browse and shop. Thanks to the easy to navigate Katriona website, women can quickly find their new favourite key wardrobe pieces in our ‘Brands’ section, plus it is also really easy to browse the entire apparel range on their website too. Marc Cain also love to celebrate women and make it easy for customers to shop directly from their latest fashion collections as well. On the Katriona website, women can find all our latest pieces and collections, so you can enjoy finding gorgeous clothing items which have also strutted down the catwalk too.

Responsible Brand

Along with being a high quality fashion brand, Marc Cain are also an environmentally conscious and socially responsible brand too. This message of responsibility and sustainability has also attracted many women to the brand, knowing they can buy great fashion items that have been produced fairly. All of the fabrics used by Marc Cain are sourced in Europe to lower their carbon footprint, and as a brand they are committed to the fashion industry’s Code of Conduct. This means all their suppliers must be compliant when it comes to fair labour laws and fair wages. So women across the world can shop for Marc Cain products knowing they are part of this responsible supply chain too.