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10 Pieces Every Woman Should Have in her Wardrobe.

By Seamus Monaghan

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There are some clothing pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe as essential pieces, items that she can wear again and again, that will suit a number of different settings and functions. Other than one’s personal style, these pieces are regarded as essentials by each fashion savvy individual as they are timeless, versatile and classic.

A wardrobe designed on a selective choice of items makes daily dressing infinitely easier. The ten pieces we have put together in this blog post are fashion pieces that you’ll be able to combine and match to give you endless possibilities  – whether it be an outfit for work, for brunch and all of the occasions in between. These essential items will be the go to section in your wardrobe! These 10 pieces will serve every woman well for more than one season!

1. Leather Jacket.

When making a wardrobe full of timeless and classic pieces, a leather jacket is necessary! A leather jacket makes a great addition to pair with a simple dress, whether it be a simple black dress or a floral summer dress. A leather jacket will add personality and style!

2. Comfy Sneakers.

For most women sneakers  have become one of the best essential items to have in the wardrobe. Sneakers are becoming an essential go-to piece for almost any outfit. These sneakers have merged fashion and comfort and it is no longer necessary for women to wear those sky high heels. Sneakers have become cool and they can be worn with almost anything from that flowing summer dress to those favourite pair of skinny jeans!

3. Skinny Jeans.

The skinny jeans are famous and flattering and suit well in a number of occasions. You can wear jeans almost every day and they can be quite easy to mix and match with several other wardrobe pieces. They are comfortable, soft and perfectly mould to your curves. An absolute must have!

4. A Fitted Jacket.

To dress up a casual outfit, you need a fitted jacket in your wardrobe! With the addition of a fitted jacket, the casual outfit becomes more sophisticated and chic, and its only a one-time investment. Get a good quality jacket that you can wear every season.

5. A Simple T Shirt.

An essential item that is present in the wardrobe of a well dressed woman is the simple t shirt. It is comfortable and looks fabulous with everything, You can wear a t shirt with a leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans. Their are multiple fashion uses for a t shirt. 

6. A Simple White Shirt.

Just as the simple t shirt is a necessary item, so is a white shirt. The shirt is another piece that is classic and seasonal, owned by all women. It looks subtly feminine and fantastic when sleeves are rolled up to the elbows and the top two buttons are left unclosed. Pair with those skinny jeans and fitted jacket for a great casual, sophisticated look!

7. A Black Dress.

Another wardrobe item that every woman should have is a little black dress! The dress style can be chosen according to your preference and shape, but the fact remains the same that it can be both dressed up and down making it suitable for an array of different occasions. 

8. Fashion Scarf.

Scarf are the best choice of accessories due to their versatility. Woman can wear them with almost anything, and they add to any look weather it be an addition to a shirt and jeans outfit or a more sophisticated dressed up outfit like a dress and heels. A good quality, lightweight scarf is a great addition to your outfits!

9. Flowing Trousers.

As you know, skinny jeans are best for a variety of multiple events, and they can be worn with almost every piece in your wardrobe, but there are times when the settings require something more unique and that’s where the flowing trousers play their role. Crepe, cotton or silk suit best for formal occasions. These pants can be worn dinner parties and styled up with a dressy top, or you can also pair them with a blazer and a simple t shirt for the office.

10. Classic Trench Coat.

A classic trench cot is a classic style that should be present in the wardrobe’s of every woman. These coats look effortlessly chic. The reason behind the appealing look of a trench coat is that it is timeless and you do not need to buy a new coat every season, its a one time investment. A trench coat can turn the most basic dress or office wearing piece in to a fashionable statement!

These 10 pieces are a guide to what every woman should have in her wardrobe to make a statement in any season. Shop the looks online or visit in-store to grab your pieces and stand out all day, everyday! 

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